There’s a lot to think about when it comes to hiring a chauffeur-driven luxury car, so it makes sense that you’ll have a few questions before you book. Whether you want to know more about what we can offer or simply want to quell your curiosity, here’s everything you could possibly want to know about Phantom Chauffeur Services.

Wedding FAQ

Which cars do you offer for weddings?

We offer a range of luxury wedding cars including world-class models from Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, and Range Rover. See our fleet page for full details.

Can you supply a larger vehicle for my bridal party?

Absolutely. Our exceptional Mercedes-Benz V Class provides ample room to comfortably sit seven passengers. Need more than that? Simply get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Do you supply flowers and ribbons?

Ribbons and bows are provided compliments of Phantom Chauffeur Services. On request, we can also provide a complimentary artificial flower display.

Can we book different cars for the wedding ceremony and reception?

Of course. We’re happy to offer whichever cars you prefer and tailor our service to suit your preferences.

Will you stay after the ceremony so we can have photographs with the car?

Certainly. Having photographs taken with the wedding car is a popular part of any wedding day, and we’re happy for you to use the car for this purpose at no extra charge..

Can I book several trips for my wedding guests?

All of our cars are booked per hour rather than per journey, so we’d happy to make as many journeys as you like during your allotted time. If you’d like extra time, simply let us know and we’ll charge this at our hourly rate.

What if it rains on my wedding day?

All of our cars are stocked with umbrellas that your chauffeur will be happy to use to keep you from getting wet.

Will the Chauffeur be fully suited?

Yes. All all of our chauffeurs are immaculately presented and fully-suited to respect the importance of your big day.

Will the chauffeurs help the bride get in and out of the car properly?

Absolutely. In fact, they will explain and demonstrate how to enter and exit a car in a wedding dress – something that is completely different from how you normally do so!

Vehicle FAQs

How Much luggage can each vehicle carry?

This all depends on the car itself. Visit our fleet page and select your desired model to find out exactly how much luggage -and how many passengers- that car can carry.

Is in car entertainment provided?

This depends on the vehicle. Again, please see our fleet page for more details.

Can I choose the colour of my preferred vehicle?

In most cases yes. We offer the majority of our chauffeur-driven luxury cars in either black or white. Some cars are also available in other colors, depending on availability.

Can I eat and drink in your vehicle?

While we do provide bottled water for your comfort and convenience, we prefer that you don’t eat inside our vehicles and expressly ask you not to. You can drink other drinks in the vehicle, however please note that you’ll be liable to pay for the full price of a valet service in the event of a spillage.

Can I smoke in the car?

No. We ask that you refrain from smoking inside Phantom Chauffeur Services vehicles. If you do smoke, we reserve the right to terminate our service immediately.

How old are your vehicles?

All of our vehicles are less than 3 years old. We regularly update our fleet to give our clients the best cars as and when they are released.

Will the car have WiFi?

Yes. Please ask your chauffeur for the log-in details for your onboard WiFi. If you need help connecting your device to the Wifi, your chauffeur will be happy to assist.

Can I charge my phone in the car?

Yes, we have in car chargers that are compatible with all phones.

Will my chosen chauffeur-driven car be safe?

Absolutely. All of our vehicles receive oil, coolant, and tyre pressure checks every two days, are regularly serviced and maintained to the highest standards to ensure your safety.

Will my vehicle be clean?

Of course. No car leaves our showroom until we’re satisfied that it passes our strict vehicle condition report. This includes ensuring impeccable levels of cleanliness.

Airport FAQs

What happens if my flight is delayed?

Phantom Chauffeur Services regularly check your flight information, so if there are an delays, we won’t set off to collect you until the appropriate time. This saves on waiting times and car parking charges. Should be you be delayed at customs, any additional waiting time will be charged at a per hourly rate as agreed.

How long before my flight should I arrive at the terminal?

It’s usually beneficial to arrive 2-3 hours before an international flight. Please check with your airline for their official guidance.

How will I know which chauffeur is mine when I land at the airport?

Your Phantom Chauffeur Services chauffeur will be waiting for you in fully company uniform, holding a sign with your name on it. providing we have enough notice, we can also send you a picture of your chauffeur and their contact details to help you find them at the airport.

Are tolls and parking charges included in my quote?

No. These charges will be added to your final invoice. We always strive to keep such charges to a minimum.

What happens if my flight arrives early?

Again, we regularly monitor your flight, so if it looks like you’ll be landing early, we’ll set off earlier to come and collect you.

Chauffeur FAQs

Will my chauffeur look smart?

Of course. All of our chauffeurs are impeccably presented wearing a full suit consisting of black trousers, black blazer, white shirt, company tie, chauffeur peaked hat and black driving gloves.

Will my chauffeur carry my luggage?

Yes. We consider it a fundamental part of our service to carry your luggage for you unless you expressly ask us not to.

Will my chauffeur open the car door for me?

Absolutely. Door opening and door closing is all part of the service.

Will my chauffeur speak to me and my fellow passengers during the journey?

Only if you want them to. Apart from the initial greeting, we believe that chauffeurs should only speak to clients when spoken to. So you’ll be left in peace for the duration of your journey unless you wish to speak to your driver.

Will my chauffeur respect my privacy and confidentiality?

Certainly. All of our chauffeurs sign a non-disclosure agreement with Phantom Chauffeur Services and are happy to sign any similar agreements with your company, ensuring that what’s said in the car, stays in the car.

Will my chauffeur drive safely and gently?

Yes. Our drivers practice safe, defensive driving, keeping you safe while ensuring a smooth, comfortable journey.

Will my chauffeur break the speed limit if I’m late?

No. Your chauffeur upholds the law at all times. If you are running late, they’ll use their expert knowledge of London’s roads to find a shorter route, but will never break the speed limit.

Will my chauffeur use their mobile phone will driving?

Absolutely not. This is against the law in the UK.

General FAQ

Can I view my preferred vehicle in person?

Of course, simply contact us to arrange a viewing.

I didn’t receive my booking confirmation email, what should I do?

If you have not received your booking confirmation email, we suggest to check your junk mail. If the email is not in your junk mail, please contact our team so we are able to resolve the issue and ensure that you receive your confirmation email.

Can I alter or amend my booking?

Yes. Simply give us a call or send us an email at [email protected] to amend your booking.