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Asian weddings are extraordinary occasions requiring extraordinary wedding cars. London’s Phantom Chauffeur Services understand this more than most, which is why we take great pride in delivering a first-class Asian wedding car hire service perfectly in keeping with the elegance and extravagance of your big day.

Since 2012, we’ve been proudly serving London’s Asian community with a range of Rolls-Royce wedding cars, expertly driven by dedicated professionals who understand that Indian, Sikh, Muslim and Hindu weddings typically take place on a much grander scale than your average British wedding.

We combine this knowledge with our wealth of first-hand experience to provide bespoke wedding chauffeur service perfectly tailored to meet the needs of your special occasion, all delivered in a range of world-class luxury Rolls-Royce wedding cars.


Generous Discounts on Asian Wedding Car Hire in London

Nothing matters more than family, which is why we’re proud to offer generous discounts when you book a fleet of luxury wedding cars for your wedding.

That way, your loved ones can travel in style right alongside you, all without worrying about going over budget.


Rolls-Royce Wedding Car Hire -

Capturing the Opulence and Extravagance of Your Big Day

As the most experienced Asian wedding car hire service in London, Phantom Chauffeur Services understand what an elaborate occasion Asian wedding ceremonies can be.

As a day full of flamboyance, pageantry and decadent elegance, your wedding needs a wedding car hire service that matches the majesty and grandeur of the occasion, and that’s what we do best.

Our professional chauffeurs drive an exclusive fleet of world-class Rolls-Royce wedding cars, each one designed to ensure both bride and groom can make a magnificent entrance on the big day.

Indian Wedding Car Hire

Our expert chauffeurs are well-versed in -and fully respectful of- the deep sense of tradition that plays such an integral role in an Indian wedding.

Typically, the bride’s family will send the groom a car in which he’ll travel with two male relatives -one from each side of the union- en route to meet his beloved, though not before seeking a blessing from his mother.

When you hire a Rolls-Royce wedding car from us, your chauffeur will be able to fully accommodate such traditions while still ensuring everyone arrives where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Rolls-Royce Wedding Car Hire London

When you choose us for your big day, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to a range of luxury Rolls-Royce wedding cars including:

On your Wedding day...

A guaranteed level of service

You can expect a professional and experienced chauffeur driver on your wedding day.

You can expect a freshly valeted car inside and out along with Free wedding car ribbons.

Few Extras on request are


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