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Silver Rolls Royce Phantom

Silver Rolls Royce Phantom

The colour silver has long embodied the elements of prestige, power, and class. Because our silver Rolls-Royce Phantoms exude a genuine sense of authority and style, it’s one of the most requested cars for our VIP executive and high-profile public figure clients. The sleek silver finish also makes it a popular choice for weddings and other special events.

Step into the cool, spacious interior and prepare to be impressed. A work of genuine craftsman art, Rolls-Royce passenger spaces are characterised by silky-soft leather upholstery, deep wool carpets underfoot, and legroom made even more generous by the flat floor. The large C-pillars create an air of privacy without restricting the view. Heated seats and climate-controlled surroundings allow you to relax even on the longest of journeys.

If you have work to do or e-mails to send during the trip, complementary and secure Wi-Fi will help you stay in touch with your business and key personnel. If you’d prefer to simply unwind after a long trip, watch television or a DVD on one of the 12” flat screens conveniently built into the backs of the front seats.

A virtually flat floor and minimal sill height making entering and exiting the silver Rolls-Royce Phantom both easy and flawless.

While you’re enjoying the ride, advanced safety technology is ensuring that you arrive at your destination without incident. Cameras built into the front and sides of the vehicle provide the chauffeur with clear views of the road no matter where you are or at what time of day or night.

Classy, comfortable, and always on time. That’s the type of ride Phantom Chauffeur Services guarantees.

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